Prove Ohio Doesn't Exist

From wikiHowL, the joke how-to manual

It can be difficult to stand up for your beliefs, especially when they are not widely accepted or known. Believing that Ohio doesn't exist is one of these problems. So, as an activist, you will have to make a strong argument against the state of "Ohio".


  1. It can be difficult to decide if you really don't believe in Ohio, especially if people around you insist that they have been there.  However, there are many things you can do to make yourself firm in your beliefs.
    • Look into people's pasts.  When people tell you they have been to Ohio, look into the circumstances surrounding their time in "Ohio".  For example, if your father tells you he worked in Cincinnati, but he was in "Ohio" working on a government project, that means that he is part of the government scam.  If a friend says they were born in Ohio, that is easy to disprove; no one remembers being a baby.  If someone says they went on vacation, they are simply lying.
    • Look at the facts.  The population of Ohio is zero.  You have never been to "Ohio".  The governor of Ohio has never appeared publicly.  These all point to Ohio not existing.
    • Think for yourself  Spend some time quietly thinking over "Ohio" where you won't be disturbed.  You need to decide your beliefs for yourself.
  2. Look at statistics. Statistically, Ohio isn't real.  There is 100 crimes per 50 people.  It has a population growth of 20 people a day.  There are not that many people in the WORLD.  If you look down from a satellite, there is a hole where "Ohio" is claimed to be.  The President himself has publicly denied the existence of Ohio. The "governor" of Ohio has NEVER appeared publicly, and his name changes regularly. There has never been an historical event in Ohio. Ohio is not real.